Members of the M100 Board


The M100 Sanssouci Colloquium is accompanied by a (mainly journalistic) advisory board. The members meet periodically in Potsdam and plan and discuss together the topics and participants of the M100 conferences. The advisory board acts also as jury for the M100 Media Award.


Chairmen of the board are the British publisher Lord Weidenfeld and Potsdam’s Lord Mayor, Jann Jakobs.
The members are:



Dr. Klaus Rost

Former Editor-in-Chief and Adviser of the Publisher
Media Group Madsack, Berlin

Born in 1948: in Munich

1971 - 1972: Trainee with the Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper in Mainz

1972 - 1978: German Folklore, German, Political Science and Journalism studies

Obtained his PhD doctorate in 1978 on the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Scientific Associate at the journalistic seminar of the Johannes Gutenberg University, a practice oriented journalistic study for graduates. Lecturer on the universities of Mainz and Stuttgart/Hohenheim

Author and journalistic correspondent of the Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, the ZDF (Second German Television Network), the Südwestfunk Baden-Baden (local broadcasting), and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung among others

1992 - 1995: Political head of the Neue Zeit and Berliner Morgenpost newspapers

1995 - 2012: Editor-in-chief of the Märkische Allgemeine newspaper in Potsdam

May 2012 - 31: December 2013 Adviser of the Publisher, Media Group Madsack, Berlin